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#1 Reason why you should care about what you wear in under 2 minutes.

Have you ever noticed that you are one hot sexy individual? First, lets notice this about yourself whether you believe it or not & not compare ourselves to magazines & models. Okay now we can dive in the good stuff and I got a whole lot to throw at you right now. 
What I'm about to open up is something that most likely happens to you & I believe it does but the good thing is that the sooner you realize it, the more you'll enjoy wearing specific things. You know when you're getting ready and time fly's by faster than a Netflix show? & you're looking in the mirror trying to find out what the heck to wear and out of frustration you just put on w.e looks nice and run out the door like a hurricane has just hit your home? You'll find that during that time of wearing specific clothing, jewelry accessories ect will lead you to express the mood/expression of how you think of what these clothes bring out & trust me, they do have a minor effect to a major effect.
Take this for instance, when you wear a Suit/Dress your shoulders are a bit back, your head is definitely in the clouds and you feel fine as hell. Sometimes even wearing a ring, a necklace ect does help bring out a certain personality trait.

(Trust me, I am not advocating what you wear determines your personalty) What I am trying to say is that you can use it to your advantage as a tool if I may add. Well, that was the reason why you should care about what you wear under 2 minutes as promised & I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. I'll be posting more often. Enjoy your internet web surfing & smile more often because your smile is a gem.



  • you should write more articles

    you dont want to know!
  • So basically you live out your clothing that is based on the perception of what you think they make you feel? If that is it than I agree ☝️

    Sassy girl
  • sometimes I feel like my clothes own me lol but than at other times, I own my clothes :) it’s a love/hate relationship

  • Interesting & I personally have like already a set of outfits that I specifically wear for specifics ocasions


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