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5 Great Ways To Loosing Weight FAST!

You don't have to be a Smarticle to loose weight & yes that word is in  "my dictionary" but you have to willing to maintain the progress. Ever tried random diets and find that you in the end of the month, half of the year or even year that you are back to SQUARE 1 !!! Yeah, been there done that multiple times until I found out what worked for me & this is what I did.

(1) Don't Give A Flying Duck On What You Should Or Shouldn't Eat

- I AM SERIOUSE! Continue eating what you are eating. Do you love chocolate? how about candy canes & lollipops? Okay maybe you are into McDonald's & Burger King or something much more fancier but whatever it is! Please do not stop eating junk food, (at least in the start). What you want to focus on is simply a physical routine. You are going to walk 5 minutes outside a day. It's easy I know but just do it & when a week passes by, turn that into a 5 minute jog every other day. You will start to notice that your eating habits will change without you even thinking about trying to stop yourself & than you can amp it up to 10 minutes every other day than 20 or 30 but start small than work your way up!

(2) Drink Water 45 minutes Before & After your meals.

- 45 minutes before your meals allows your stomach to get prepared to digest your meals much faster giving way to a better metabolism & 45 minutes after to absorb more nutrients. 


- I'm sorry to do this to you, but you are going to throw out half of all your junk food, candy, coffee crisps, mars bars & so on. The goal isn't to take all of the bad stuff away right away but it's to progressively get rid of them is the ultimate goal. Only do this when your mind is ready for it because if it isn't, than you are going to fall back to Square 1. 


- Your time to shine but first you got to grind! So take a picture of yourself as DAY#1, You want to take a photo of yourself mainly every 2 weeks or every month. It helps as it will be a motivator for you whenever you feel stuck or down. Just take a look at the progress you underwent and you'll get excited again and hop on the wagon and start moving once more!

(5) Cheat Days

Maybe your on your 4th week, 5th week or which ever week when you are mentally prepared to not eat junk food anymore. If you are still stuck and feel like you are still backsliding than don't beat yourself up. Just keep eating junk food and go about your regular routine with cardio and amp it up the next week and than the next and eventually you'll just have it with junk food but if you are at that stage where you are ready than it's time to reward yourself. Cheat days is basically a day where you can set once a week and indulge in any food you want! You like fast foods? fancy restaurants? go ahead and ball all out but make sure you are drinking a lot of water that day. More than typical.

SO... That's that. I hope this helped in some way and if it didn't than I hope it was just a reminder or so. Who knows maybe you will take these tips and run with it & become a better version of yourself. You owe it to yourself to conquer the world :)


  • Lol oh my, the first sentence got me off guard good read though

    William J
  • yeah cheat days are blessed but I would prefer a cheat meal instead. Idk it’s just me but I drink a ton of water.

  • I can kinda relate to this article since I have teo cheat days a week lmao 😂 & the reason being honestly is that I work construction 🔨 from 7:00am to 5:00pm than Gym at 6:00pm to 8:00pm than a light jog at 9:30pm. My metabolism is soo freakn high!

    You’ll never know my name ;)
  • I love my cheat days as much as I love jogging but I don’t eat bread soo that’s a good thing. Good article btw!

  • Not bad of an article bro I didn’t know you blog haha. It’s your friend Tom from Quebec :)


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