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7 Reasons To Start Buying the Sterling Silver jewelry

Everybody wants to look good and leave an impression on anyone they come across.
One of the solutions to that problem is the jewelry.
In today's guide, we are going to learn how the silver sterling jewelry can give you that look and feel you always desire.
Let's dive in:
First of all, let us get more familiar with the silver sterling jewelry.

The silver sterling jewelry is an alloy that consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metals like copper. Nickel and zinc are also added at times.

The reason for adding other metals is because pure silver is not strong enough to be made into things like jewelry.

The other metals are then alloyed with silver to increase the durability and tensile strength.

You should, therefore, start buying the Sterling silver jewelry for the reasons below.

  • The Durability of the sterling silver jewelry

When proper care is given to the sterling silver jewelry, it can last you forever.

Owners who know the value of these beauties know that they could look the same even after 35 years.

The strength of the sterling silver is more than that of silver and even gold.

This is of huge convenience if you are looking for daily use jewelry that can withstand a lot of toughness and wear.

If they are made and used properly, it can even become an heirloom for your family in the future.

  • The sterling silver is almost hypoallergenic

A lot of people are usually skeptical about their pieces of jewelry or even starting a collection because of the fear the constituting materials.

Some people are allergic to both nickel and lead.

And nickel and leads are huge constituents of common jewelry and discount pieces.

Nickel and lead allergies can lead to severe complications such as skin reaction, brain damage, liver failure and a ton of other problems.

The Silver Sterling jewelry removes this fear because although technically it is not hypoallergenic, it effectively is.

Even when nickel is used as the alloying metal, it is such a minimal proportion that even those with active nickel allergies can wear it and still have a rest of mind.

  • Inexpensive precious metal

silver sterling jewelry

Considering the fact that it is a precious metal, the sterling silver jewelry is relatively inexpensive.

Over here at nextfashion, most of our jewelry pieces cost just a few dollars.

This is very good because you can decide to spoil yourself and your loved ones without spending a fortune and even during hard economic times.

 It is one of the whitest and most brilliant metals made and it is still cheaper than gold or platinum.

Purchasing a beautiful silver jewelry piece is an advantage not only because it makes you look good, but it also gives you the best value for your money.

  • Ease of maintenance

This is one of the best qualities of sterling silver.

When you have a lot of jewelry pieces in stock, you want to make sure you can easily maintain them with minimal effort.

All you really need to do for the sterling silver to remain good looking is to store the pieces in a box that is relatively air-tight and wipe down your silver pieces with a cloth well suited for silver polishing every once in a while.

  • Trendy

sterling silver jewelry

If you are a woman who likes to keep up with the latest trends and styles in the fashion and jewelry word, you will find out that the fast pace of the fashion jewelry world can be mind-blowing.

Trying to keep up with the fashion world can be really tiresome and at times can be counter-productive.

Luckily, the popularity of the sterling silver means it's almost always a guarantee to be always included in the latest silver jewelry styles even when there are changes in the design

For example, gemstones and uncut minerals have recently become a major style among the spring and summertime accessories.

Those stones are mostly made from sterling silver.

Always having a few sterling silver pieces on hand in your jewelry collections is a great way to make sure you are up to trend and also able to look your best anytime.

  • Endless Options

The relatively soft and malleable nature of the silver metal makes it easy for jewelers to mold and perform experiments with.

This means that there would constantly be new designs available for offer.

The sterling silver will always have a wide range of styles and designs.

A design will always be available to suit your personal style.

Whether you are in search of a bracelet, locket, ring, or pendant, there are a lot of options available.

With the sterling silver, you do not need to remain stuck to the old concepts. Innovation is always constant.

There is always a new piece to spice up your collection.

  • Versatility

hand showing sterling silver jewelry

 The sterling silver jewelry is your best friend to accompany you no matter the occasion.

This is because it adds a classy touch to any look.

The versatility also extends on how it looks and feels with the other metals in your collection.

If you have the intention of adding sterling silver to your jewelry collection which already has a lot of white gold or platinum piece, you need not to worry whether your jewelry will match your outfits as the old collection did.

In fact, your sterling silver jewelry can be worn with a white gold or platinum piece and still create a look that looks stunning and also cohesive.

The colors are so close that it won't seem like you mixing jewelry but rather it will create a unique person for you.


The sterling silver is a very cost-effective and valuable piece that you should add to your collection.

You can check out our shop where we give you the best pieces at the best prices to spoil yourself and your loved ones.

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