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The Speedy HL & The Jumbo Chain

Snag your own Jumbo Chunky Chain and transform something from

mini... to MIGHTY!!
Handbag Charm Accessory
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Photo Credits @bark.lin 

There are many various accessory ideas that you could implement

on the Speedy HL or any Speedy in general. The purse chain style used

above; Jumbo Curb 16mm is in 10" length before the clasp size. Any clasp size

that you pick out from the listing will achieve this look. If you prefer a size that is

more centered with both clasps fastened onto the front hardware with a pleasant 

drop that doesn't go past the base of the Speedy and is aesthetically pleasing

than go with the size 8" option.

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Thank you for reading my short blog & I hope that this helps! :)

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