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About Us

Hi! my name is Paul and I want to warmly thank you for taking the time to check

out my 
Brand; NextFashion

Captured It: It all started on one very cold day in Toronto when I was surfing the

web and I found a picture of a couple of purse chains that I did not search for

but it happened to pop in my feed. 

An Epiphany: At first, the image looked appealing but I didn't understand why

I was so drawn to it and a couple of moments later I had an epiphany!

There was not one retail brand

that I could think of that specializes in helping women with their purse

chain sizing problems.

I wanted to prove my self wrong so I went into different malls, entered different

handbag stores and started asking questions about purse chain sizing and

which they had available. to my surprise, there were only 1 or 2 stores that had

sizes for 5ft 2" than some that had sizes for 5ft 6" but they did not provide the

clasps that would fit all handbags for those sizes and needed to contact their

manufacturer to send it in with that specific clasp. So from customizing purse

chain sizes, I was now offering customization for clasps.

THE MISSION: I am on a MISSION right now to help every single problem a

women will encounter with purse chain sizing, clasp fitting and customization

needs. Currently, my brand is deeply present on Etsy with over 250 reviews

 one day, you will be able to go in person to our retail shop in Toronto

and have your purse chain customized to the length that you need, to have the  clasps switched to fit

your handbags and to have great conversations that will build you up! At the

moment, I do exactly this but online since I am not there yet but will be in the

future thanks to our growing community that supports NextFashion :)

The Message:

The message of my brand NextFashion is that Truth & Love always wins and in

any conversation that you have, let it be your torch! This is what I walk by and I

have had the opportunity to do this every day in different parts of the world.

My Brand is built on the grace of God and I thank God everyday for what it is

now and what it will be God willing in the future.

Yours truly,