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What Makes The Louis Vuitton Speedy So Popular?

One of the most instantly recognizable handbags in the fashion world is the Louis Vuitton Speedy which has adorned the arms of the rich and famous for decades.

Vintage Speedy 25

 Accessory Chain Used: 12mm Curb & Photo Credits By @aimedainty 

Originally designed way back in the 1930s, this monogrammed bag has grown and developed over the years with a range of variations to meet current trends.

Louis Vuitton Speedy Mini 20
Chain Accessory Used: 7mm Oval Purse Chain - Photo Credits By @jmarieluxe

The shape of the Speedy has remained unchanged over the past decades which also makes it so Iconic.

In regards to wearing a Speedy as a Shoulder bag strap or a Crossbody Chain, some Louis Vuitton Speedy Handbags don't have the hardware on the sides attached to do so but we've seen some creative approaches multiple times using our 9mm Curb Purse Chain turning the bag into a shoulder bag strap or a crossbody chain like the photo below.

Mini Speedy HL
Mini Speedy HL

Photo Credits @yuennylam

The size is perfectly suitable for essentials and it's dimensions can give that popping off the hip look when worn with a crossbody chain or shoulder bag strap.

The variation of the Speedy in Mini is a light weight, durable, convenient for everyday essentials & a great travel companion. 

Few high fashion bags have stood the test of time quite like this one, and for a good reason.

When investing in this bag you are truly putting your money into a durable on the go handbag.



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