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Leather Wristlet Vachetta For Wristlet Wallet

Leather Wristlet Vachetta For Wristlet Wallet

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Our vachetta leather wristlet is made from the highest leather grade quality which is whole grain.
The wristlet accessory is used to become a wristlet wallet or an attachment to your small handbags.


(1) Full Grain Leather (Excellent) - I use only this one & so do high end brands.
(2) Top Leather (Good)
(3) Genuine Leather (Fair) -
(4) Bond Leather (Okay)


There is a notion online that "Genuine Leather" is a name for leather authenticity but it's not.
None of the high end brands use "Genuine Leather" for their leather wristlets, handbags, wristlet wallet and ect.
The name "Genuine Leather" is a grade name and not a name to authenticate if Leather is real or not.
In fact, the leather grade of "Genuine Leather" is one of the lowest quality of leather out there. I only use
the best quality which is "Full Grain Leather"

- - - LENGTH - - -

My Leather Wristlets are 7" in length when folded & because it's a leather wristlet, 7" in length folded
is an ideal length to become a wristlet wallet.

- - - CLASP - - -

The clasp is light gold color and goes well with the width of our leather wristlet. You'll benefit from
using our wristlet if your D ring is small. Our clasp will fit small connections/d rings and the wristlet is not
meant to be attached to a large bag but only to small handbags and wallets. The leather wristlet strap replacement can also be a great birthday gift.

- - - BENEFIT - - -

The vachetta leather wristlet replacement clasp freely rotates in a 360 motion. We use the highest graded leather
& leather on the skin feels good!