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Bag Charm Accessory 9mm Width Mini Rolo Double Chain

Bag Charm Accessory 9mm Width Mini Rolo Double Chain

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Bag charm accessory for your handbag strap chain fashion look. Place the double bag chain in the front and watch how it transforms your handbag!


STYLISH CHAIN STRAP: Here you have a Classic Mini Rolo bag charm for handbags, purses, clutches, ect that you would want to lavish your purse with.

CLASP FITTING: :) Please check if your purse grommet is 6mm or less in width for the clasp to fit, anything higher will not be compatible.

CHAIN LENGTH: The length of the first short chain is 8" and the 2nd long chain is 12"

HIGH QUALITY: Providing high polished quality bag charm chains to out stand rainy and hot scorching days keeping your fashion in tact without ever worrying about rust or damage for years to come!. We keep your fashion safety on lock!

USE: This is meant to be used as a bag charm bag chain

Chain Width Size: 9mm

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ONLY the purse chains in this listing are for sale and not handbags that are visible in this listing are only for display to show you how they accessories I sell would look on them.