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Lovely Purse Chain Extender Lovely - 12mm

Lovely Purse Chain Extender Lovely - 12mm

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Use this chain extender to give you the convenience you need for extra length towards your shoulder strap, crossbody strap or charm goals.


USE: Simply clip one end to your bag's hardware and then clip your existing shoulder strap or crossbody strap to the other end of this extender. Done! You can also use this for other various types of ways that can achieve your handbag goals.

Choose from 2 different lengths and enjoy the benefits of the extra length.

- Attachable to your handbag's existing hardware or tabs using the swiveling clips
- Sturdy, polished, high-quality metal chain with gold-tone or nickel finish; depending on your selection.
- The strap  purse chain extender can help you achieve the length needed to reach a crossbody or shoulder strap look.
- The chain extender adds a great fashion taste on both sides complimenting the twinning style effect.


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