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Mini Dashing Rolo - 9mm

Mini Dashing Rolo - 9mm

Next Fashion

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Hi Everyone!

Here you have a Mini Rolo Purse Chain with Diamond Cut Edges and in the picture featuring a Cross Body or Shoulder Strap length for your favorite handbags, purses, clutches, ect where you can let your fashion needs run free.

Who Is This For?
The Mini Rolo Purse Chain 9mm is in the fair weight range of purse chains. This person prefers a light to medium weighted tug. When light hits the faces of the diamond cut purse chain it gives a reflective shiny look. With 4 faces on each link, the effect is glamorous.  (To get back to all of our collections, click here)

High Polished Quality
We provide you a high polished quality for a long lasting shine and wear to keep your fashion in tact. We keep your fashion safety on lock! All of our purse chains are polished with Eco friendly materials and we use the Rack Finishing Method as other high end brands do for their hardware. Some companies use the Barrel finishing method which is like throwing laundry into a dryer but NextFashion uses the highest quality standard when it comes to the finishing result.

You will find 2 different size guides below

Cross Body Size******

Extra Small: (40 Inches / 101cm) Up to 5'2"

Small: (44 Inches / 112cm) 5'2" - 5'4"

Medium: (48 Inches / 122cm) 5'4" - 5'6"

Large: (52 Inches / 132cm) 5'6" - 5'8"

Extra Large: (56 Inches / 142cm) 5'8" and over

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Shoulder Strap Size******

Small: (24 Inches / 60.9cm) Up to 5'4"

Medium: (28 Inches / 71.1cm) 5'4" - 5'8"

Large: (32 Inches / 84cm) 5'8" and over

Please note that the total size is the links added up. The clasp size is extra

60 Day Return Policy: If you are not satisfied for whatever reason! Contact us we can help you out :)